About the Book

Funtime – Excess All Areas!

A crazy Rock’n'Roll Rollercoaster of a weekend. Sex,Drugs,More Drugs and More Sex – A quick-fire sexual comedy murder mystery – the twists and turns of the characters makes this debut Novel by William Ritchie so very difficult to put down.


  • Tulse: Successful Musician and relentless swordsman
  • Sarah the stunning well up for it bi-sexual dance student
  • JJ the nasty,fearless,one-eyed,murderous Bad Guy
  • Judy the sussed but ultimately beaten down sexy in all the wrong ways lady of the night
  • Jamie the talented,ill-fated DJ
  • The Inspector taking a big chance career-wise,two dum dum boy street cops
  • Melanie the oh so naughty W.P.C…. and not forgetting Jazz the seen it all U.F.O. Bar Owner – the list goes on and on …


Listen Up Suckers! Broadcasting on all frequencies -
48 Hours means 48! 48 Hours means 48! 48 Hours means 48 – 48 Thrills!

Buy it, Download it, Tune into the Jukebox for a bit of vibe, Tell your friends, spread the word people! It’s Funtime!

“One of the greatest rock’n'roll novels written. Beautifully constructed, Funtime absolutely rattles on, and keeps twisting and twisting. I couldn’t put it down!”


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