About the Author

William Ritchie: Born on Planet Earth. Half Mod-Half Rocker, self confessed cheeky bastard. Feels most comfortable and most likely to be found in a bar in London, New York, Berlin or Tokyo.

A little Question and Answer session:

1st band you seen? “Devo – A life-changing experience – though i am a life-long Clash fan.”

Fave Motorbike? “Kawasaki Meanstreak 1500.”

Fave amp? “Marshall JCM800 – Never been bettered in my opinion, Fender Twin’s are good too – you don’t need anything else.”

Fave guitar? – “Les Paul Standards, U.S. Tele’s and Gretsch.

Fave designer? – “Alexander McQueen.”

Fave Footwear? – Loake hand-made leather boots – class.”

Fave Band? – “That’s easy’ – The Clash – A superb legacy of incredible music and songwriting. More to come? I for one hope so … ;) .”

Fave food? “Korean.”

Fave Drink? – “Decent red wine.”

Fave Comedy Movie? “Life of Brian.”

Fave Sci-Fi movie? – ” Hmm – probably Fifth Element – Besson is a genuis.”

Fave Gangster movie? – “Godfather 2.”

Fave recent movies? – ” No Country for Old Men and Mesrine.”

Fave new bands? ” The Urban Voodoo Machine, Little Barrie, Jim Jones Revue, Black Keys, Kasabian and very new band ‘Cults’ ” – all brilliant.” – Guilty secret? -” I have more clothes than any man i know.”

Any good R’n'R anecdotes? – ” Here’s one; I was in a bar in Camden, London ‘The Good Mixer’, i was just telling a good friend i had just finished Steve Diggle’s (brilliant Buzzcocks guitarist) book ‘Harmony in my Head’ and Diggle f*ckin’ walked in the door!” I’d never met him before and there he was! I told him what happened and we had a good laugh and a chat for about an hour over a few beers he’s a top geezer, i could tell you about the time i met Jimmy Page in Gatwick airport ….”